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ArticleLiving Well

The Cape continues to thrive.

Australia's most sustainable street, Periwinkle Place at The Cape, inviting you to celebrate with them this weekend.

Jan 24, 2019

Words: The Cape
Images: Supplied

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Gippslandia has featured the homes from The Cape housing development in Cape Patterson before (here and here), as having Australia's most sustainable street and a 10-star energy efficiency rated home in our backyard makes us proud.

The Cape recently provided details of their latest home, the Seastar, and that they're inviting the community to join them and their team this coming weekend.

To help celebrate the launch of Stage Three of The Cape at Cape Paterson, the public is invited to join our builders and team this Australia Day weekend (Sunday 27th January) to tour five of the highest performing sustainable houses in Victoria, set in a whole estate of beautifully designed, carbon neutral, passive solar homes at the Cape that are averaging over 8 star NatHERS energy efficiency, a national first.

A suite of sustainable builders and designers, including The Sociable Weaver, responsible for Victoria’s first 10 star home at the Cape, TS Constructions, Adapt Design Group, Beaumont Concepts and Carl Talbot Builders, will host tours of the Cape homes, which have reduced energy bills to around 20% of the bills of a conventional Victorian home.

The Cape is selling quickly, with over 85% of Stage 2 selling in 2018 prior to completion of civil works, with buyers attracted to the high standard of attractive, resilient, passive solar homes that are comfortable in all conditions. Cape homes heat and cool naturally, stay cool in hot spells and heat waves, and have energy bills that are a fraction of conventional homes. They also feature a minimum of 10,000 litres of rainwater storage per home, water efficient tapware, and high speed NBN connection with optic fibre cable to the home. Many homes have provision for electric vehicle charging. The Cape landscape features extensive walking and cycling paths that meander past wetlands and restored coastal habitats to local surf and swimming beaches, in one of the last new estates in Victoria directly overlooking the coast.

The Cape - Stage Three - Open Day

The newest addition to the Cape, “Seastar”, an 8.1 star energy efficient home (pictured in this piece) built by Carl Talbot Builders, will be officially opened to the public at 1 PM by the Honorable Russell Broadbent, Federal Member for McMillan, and Stage 3 of the estate will be officially launched by the Honorable Jordan Crugnale, Victorian Member for Bass. The event will be complemented with local Bass Coast musicians, local wines, barista made coffee and fresh local produce.

The Cape celebrates the ultimate e-Changer lifestyle – ideal for younger professionals, young families, empty-nesters and active retirees, who wish to combine healthy, sustainable, low cost living, NBN connectivity, active lifestyle and extensive outdoor open space.

“With more than 50% open space, a beautiful natural environment and cutting edge sustainable design, The Cape’s community is much more than a group of houses. It is a complete holistic lifestyle, which combines premium, modern, resilient, climate adapted, light footprint living, with residents set to benefit.” The Cape Director Brendan Condon said. “As Australia’s first net zero carbon estate, The Cape is producing over a large surplus of clean solar energy, and has fostered a nationally significant group of skilled designers and builders in Bass Coast, who are leading Australia in the construction of energy efficient, resilient, modern homes, and creating a blueprint for future Australian housing.”

“We were very proud to be recognized as Australia’s first net zero carbon emissions estate with the 2018 Urban Developers National Award for Industry Leadership, announced at the Royal International Convention Centre in Brisbane in October, attended by some of Australia’s largest developers such as LendLease and Mirvac.

The Cape - Stage Three - Open Day

“Collectively, the five houses open for the day – Seastar, The Cove, Core 9, The Oaks, and the 10-star, homes are averaging over 8 star energy efficiency, are operationally carbon neutral, and save up to 80% of their energy costs compared to state average homes, while keeping our residents cool and comfortable in the heatwave conditions that are gripping much of Australia. It is something to be very proud of.”

Event Details

When: Sunday 27th January Noon – 4:00pm.

(Official launch of Stage 3 and Seastar sustainable home – 1:00pm)

Where: The Cape, Periwinkle Place, Cape Paterson.

Who: Brendan Condon, Director, The Cape, Carl Talbot, Carl Talbot Builders (Seastar 8.1), The Sociable Weaver (10 Star Home) & Tony O’Connell, TS Constructions (CORE 9 home).

The Cape - Stage Three - Open Day

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