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Brodie Pyle.

If Brodie Pyle (or his friend, Barbs Billions) can't convince you of the joys of Gippsland, nothing will!

Nov 16, 2021

Words: Gippslandia

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How about a hearty round of applause for Brodie Pyle?

We’ve nothing but admiration and respect for the 14-year-old Warragul resident, as he found something he’s passionate about – Gippsland – and he’s gone about doing whatever he can to boost the region and the business community that call it home.

Brodie explained that he wanted to do something that assisted Gippsland, but he couldn’t spend money. He wanted to create a venture that utilised the resources he has access to and that was built on his interests in photography, media, drama and art.

Brodie’s business, Gippsland Promotions, recently celebrated its first birthday.

“If this hasn't convinced you to come to Gippsland. What will?!”

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While enjoying year 8 at St Paul's Anglican Grammar School, Brodie still manages to find “about 10 hours per week” to record, edit and upload segments to social media. He’s continually networking to find new local businesses that he can showcase and recently he, or his fantastic alter-ego Barbara ‘Barbs’ Billions, has been involved in presenting events.

Gippsland Promotions has been gaining momentum, says Brodie, “as the community really wants to support local businesses, especially now”. In attracting new clients, Brodie busts out his phone, shows off his Instagram and Facebook pages, providing examples of what he’s done previously, and then shows an example of a really fun, light and engaging ad for the business.

It sounds simple, but the ability and fortitude to pull it off, especially in the heat of the moment when chatting with a business owner, is rare. And, in growing Gippsland Promotions, Brodie is developing a very broad skill set and knowledge base that can serve him well in the future.

It’s inspiring to see.

Brodie finds interviewing people “that have achieved something in their community” really enjoyable, and you can see in these interactions that he’s eagerly soaking up their insights and wisdom like a sponge.

In chatting with Brodie, we could see that he’d be a wonderful advocate for what Gippsland has to offer right now, and also into the future.

The hills are alive in Gippsland
The hills are alive in Gippsland

The following is Brodie’s explanation of why Gippsland’s time is now, and why he’s excited by what the region has to offer:

Gippsland – one of the most magical places in the world.

No matter where you go in this stunning area, you’ll find a place to have fun, relax and spend time with friends and family. That’s why I love Gippsland.

I was born here and it has a special place in my soul.

It has endless possibilities for FUN!

No matter what age group, there is sure to be something for you. From parks, beaches to the wilderness. There are activity centres for the kids and magnificent wineries for the adults. Those visitor-type businesses really help make Gippsland.

Gippsland is definitely the place to be!

Why? You may ask. Because of the fresh country air, the friendly people, great customer service, and some of the very BEST food you can find.

Gippsland has some of the best travel locations, and some outstanding landmarks that will just make you just go WOW! Gippsland is home to the famous Ninety Mile Beach, which is just the most magical beach to swim in. As well as many beautiful beaches, we have the snow, nature parks, heritage towns and much more. 

Gippsland is home to some of the greatest small businesses. Those Gippslanders who get up and pour their life into their shop. They help make Gippsland so great. The passion these people have is just out of this world. Without them, we would be missing out on all the local creators and makers’ work. And then there’s the quirky fashion stores and some of the best coffee in Victoria.

I love Gippsland for the Airbnbs we have on offer for tourists.
They really get a taste of country living. Getting to try everything from the rolling hills to our amazingly delicious produce.

And that leads me to this: the produce grown in Gippsland is just so good! It’s so fresh and tasty. You can really tell the difference when eating food from here – it tastes more real and fresher, as it’s straight from local farmers to your plate. There is passion and heart in our produce.

Gippsland also hosts some of the greatest events around. We have many different venues to offer: the art centres, Lardner Park, community halls… Gippslanders just know how to add their own touch of sparkle to it. The events are always the most fun, and you can rest assured knowing you’ll go home with at least 10 new friends (haha!).

If this hasn’t convinced you to come to Gippsland. What will?!

Gippsland is filled with so many amazing things, and is sure to lead you in having a good time here.

I absolutely love calling Gippsland home. Gippsland is, for sure, the place to be. And, anyone that lives here would say the same.

I believe Gippsland is definitely in its prime time, and more people should come experience that awesome feeling too!

Surfs up in Gippsland
Surfs up in Gippsland

What can you say to such a pitch? If we didn’t live here already, we’d be calling the real estate agent and the removalists right away.

Brodie’s a passionate, enterprising and resourceful young man, and it’s so heartening to see the community support him as he showcases his incredibly infectious energy in supporting them.

Given his ingenuity, approachability and drive, we’re never going to put a limit on what Brodie could achieve next – it’s the same as how he sees Gippsland – but whatever he does, we know that he and Barbs will be exceptionally well-dressed!

To ensure you never miss a deal from a local business, please follow Brodie and Gippsland Promotions at @gippslandpromotions on both Instagram and Facebook.

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