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Connecting Gippsland through positive storytelling.

ROPAN Financial Services

Wealth management and advisory services is more than just a one-off process, it is a lifelong investment into your future. At ROPAN, honesty, integrity, and mutual respect is valued in all their client relationships and the team has a genuine interest in the people they deal with and their success. Having established a long-term connection with the local community, you can be assured your needs will always be first.

Investing in your future is a life-long process. ROPAN understands the complexities of each individual story and presents tailored solutions that generate the highest possible value. ROPAN is the perfect partner on your financial management journey.

Why is Gippsland a great place to do business?

Gippsland has a real community feel and has a vast array of people that have a good understanding of what is required to achieve successful outcomes. For many, the results are a bonus to the relationships built.

We have created an environment where we have become a destination with clients travelling as far as CBD Melbourne and East Gippsland, along with wider engagement via other communication tools.

What’s the one thing about your business that you wish others understood better?

Wealth is a journey. Be it setting a course with an appropriate superannuation and personal insurance strategy in one’s earlier life, to the stages of re- structure towards the later part of ones working life. There are many stages to the development of building, maintaining and transitioning wealth. And within all this is enjoying a wonderful lifestyle along the course of the journey.

Why do you support Gippslandia?

It is great for Gippsland to have a voice. One which is dynamic and gives up-and-coming leaders in the community an opportunity to share their thoughts and their stories. Showcasing Gippsland in a different way can only be positive for the development of our boutique region.

Why is it important for your business to support local initiatives?

Supporting local initiatives helps shape the community that we are a part of, and will benefit our children and their children. We want to help create an environment where people want to be.

What does a successful and supportive community look like to you?

One with diverse opportunities, be it career or work-based, along with services to assist members of all ages and backgrounds. Add in a healthy dose of sports and arts and you’ve got all you need.

What do you love about being based in Gippsland?

Convenient access to goods and services. Enjoying the outdoor lifestyle, such as fishing and golfing opportunities. The largely self-sufficient nature of living in Traralgon, as a part of the broader Gippsland area, is quite attractive.

What is your ‘not to be missed’ tip for people visiting our region?

Come and enjoy our open spaces and our eateries. Don’t be afraid to set a few different goals for what you’d like to see and explore in this region. One trip will definitely not be enough!

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