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ABOUT Millar | Merrigan

From planning to construction and all the small steps in between, Millar|Merrigan provides the most comprehensive and professional service offer for multi stage, medium density and dual occupancy developments in Australia’s south east.

Millar|Merrigan provide all encompassing land development services for all size developers. Their wide range of services can assist projects of all scales.

Millar|Merrigan believes that Gippsland is a excellent place to do business because the region is home to great people, and Millar | Merrigan prides itself on it’s people and people focus.

In the coming months, Millar|Merrigan are continuing to expand and are on the lookout for new engineers, surveyors and planners. A number of long-term projects are now hitting the ground, including; Monash Views in Newborough and Waterloo 3823 in Yarragon.

Gippslandia: Why do you support Gippslandia?
Millar|Merrigan: We see the potential in the region and support any positive voice.

Why is it important to your business to support local initiatives?
It’s important for people to have a voice, and we think that for a long time Gippsland has had an identity imposed on it by others outside the region – it’s time for that to stop!

What does a successful and supportive community look like to you?
Private investment in community projects.

Share your hot tip. How can visitors have the best time in our region?
Get off the highway and check out some of the small towns. There’s some great things happening at Loch, Fish Creek, Metung and lots of other places that no one takes the time to stop at.

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