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Connecting Gippsland through positive storytelling.


The time for the future to arrive is now, Gippsland.

GS3 is taking a place-based approach to innovation and sustainable regional development working with, and for, the local community.

What is Gippsland’s Smart Specialisation and Strategic Approach?

Do you remember when the tag ‘one-size-fits-all’ was a hyped marketing slogan? It makes sense for a watch or baseball cap, but mostly the term has a more negative connotation, as it never seems to fit anyone that well at all. That’s why we’ve moved towards items that are customised, bespoke or tailored — thoughtfully created for a specific purpose.

It’s why, when creating innovative solutions to grow our region, we’re less interested in the roll-out of a generalised path forward, one that could be loosely applied to any or all of Australia’s regional areas. Rather, we would actually enjoy being seen as the individual snowflake that we are and have an innovation approach specially developed for us, Gippsland.

Established in September 2017, the Gippsland Smart Specialisation and Strategic approach (GS3) was initiated by the Latrobe Valley Authority (LVA) in partnership with the University of Melbourne and RMIT, to work with the community across Gippsland to understand how the smart specialisation approach might be implemented in the region.


Changing the business and innovation culture of a region takes time. That’s why Gippslandia is putting in the time to understand the work of the GS3 team via a series of informative lift-outs presented in upcoming editions. These provide you with a clear view of what the project has achieved and what the future may look like for Gippsland.


For More Information:

University of Melbourne - Research Projects
RMIT University -
EU Centre of Excellence: Smart Specialisation Regional Policy & Smart Specialisation
Latrobe Valley Authority - Gippsland's Smart Specialisation Strategy


Next Edition:

Coming in March 2021, the next edition of this collaborative series featuring the work of the Gippsland Smart Specialisation initiative, will be exploring the role of the region’s education institutions as part of innovation systems and develop community capability for the future.


This is a special publishing partnership with Gippslandia.

The Gippsland Smart Specialisation Approach is led by:

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