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Gippsland Smart Specialisation Strategy

G—S3 is an initiative of the Latrobe Valley Authority and Melbourne University, and — as we proudly share common goals of furthering the region — Gippslandia's Publishing Partner.


G—S3 (Gippsland Smart Specialisation Strategy) is an initiative of the Latrobe Valley Authority and Melbourne University. A keen supporter of Gippslandia, we proudly welcome G—S3 as a Publishing Partner of Gippslandia as we align our common goals of advancing thought and opportunity throughout the region…

Applying the ‘Smart Specialisation Strategy’ (S3) methodology pioneered in the European Union, this project initiated by the Victorian Latrobe Valley Authority brings together government, business, research and education and civil society in Gippsland to co-design a shared vision for the region’s future prosperity, environmental sustainability and social wellbeing.

Read more about G—S3 on the Melbourne University website, or on the Latrobe Valley Authority website.

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