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Connecting Gippsland through positive storytelling.


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Gippsland's future shines bright with headlines of regenerative success and community collaboration.

Feb 15, 2023

Words: Gippsland Social Enterprise Collective

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Gippslandia 2030

“World leaders awed by Gippsland’s regenerative journey”

“Strzelecki koala saved from extinction”

“The lungs of Victoria – Gippsland awarded for forest regeneration”

“Healthy Gippsland soils curb flood impact”

“Gippsland mines reimagined into recreational spaces”

“Wild, frugal, simple, elegant, sharing, caring Gippsland”

“Gippsland school week redesigned: four days in classroom, one on country”

“Gippsland's First Nation and youth-led regeneration network collaboration”

“Gippsland regenerative farming practices restore Melbourne’s food security”

“Gippsland powers east coast with renewables”

“Energy future secured”

‟Healing is underway, rewilding begins”

“Fire is used to heal country”

“Gippsland becomes renewable powerhouse”

“Regenerative farming systems become the new norm in Gippsland”

“Farmer field schools open to support learning and ecological innovation”

“Gippsland – the community that cares and connects”

Illustration: Angharad Neal-Williams
Illustration: Angharad Neal-Williams

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Illustration: Angharad Neal-Williams
Illustration: Angharad Neal-Williams

Is this the Gippsland you’d like to see?

These aspirational headlines are for Gippslandia in 2030 – all are bold outcomes that were put forward at the Gippsland Local Learning Lab recently held in Warragul. The weekend-long lab was held in partnership with the Gippsland Social Enterprise Collective (GSEC), The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia, as part of their Innovate to Regenerate initiative, and saw locals coming together from across Gippsland to imagine the positive stories that our region could realise in 2030.

We now invite you to contribute!

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Gippslandia - Issue No. 25

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