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What time is it?

Forget the usual editorial spiel, let's get lost in a crossword!

Sep 28, 2021

Words: Tim Leeson

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Parts of life can take their toll, and Covid-19 triggered lockdowns are a prime culprit.

We support the idea that you can’t always take life too seriously; remember, you can’t pour from an ‘empty’ cup.

So, rather than load you up with another spiel from the editor’s stool, here’s an opportunity to enjoy a moment lost in a crossword.

It’s playtime.

(Answers can be found somewhere on this page.)

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2 Which famous physicist wrote the best-selling book A Brief History of Time? (7)

6 When a deadline is fast approaching, it's a ... against time (4)

9 Time flies when you're having what? (3)

10 A carefree hedonist is said to be a good- time what? (7)

11 "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" is the opening line from a novel by which English author? (7)

12 When something is inevitable, it's just a ... of time (6)

14 A busy person is said to be time what? (4)

15 According to the saying, comedy equals what plus time? (7)

16 Britney Spears lyric: ... Me, Baby, One More Time (3)

17 "It's just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right", The Time ... (4)

18 Just in the ... of time (4)

22 It's time to call it a what? (3)

23 Only time will what? (4)

24 A week is a long time in what? (8)

26 What does a stitch in time save? (4)

27 Acclaimed novel by Gabriel García Márquez, Love in the Time of ... (7)


1 What is said to be "the thief of time"? (15)

3 2009 film starring Eric Bana, The Time Traveler's ... (4)

4 Which Marx brother said: "Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana"? (7)

5 In the right ... at the right time (5)

7 Third time's a what? (5)

8 There's no time like the ... (7)

13 Time and what wait for no man? (4)

16 Idle people are said to have too much time on their what? (5)

17 Having a ... of a time, at the beach perhaps? (5)

19 To aimlessly while away the hours is to .... time (4)

20 Start to many fairy tales, once ... a time (4)

21 Awe or terror is described as causing time to stand ... (5)

25 She had a hit with If I Could Turn Back Time (4)

Gippslandia - Issue No. 20

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The puzzle before you has been compiled by Liam Runnalls for this edition of Gippslandia.

You can travel down and across on Twitter at @LRxword to enjoy more of his talents.

Across 2. Hawking 6. Race 9.Fun 10. Charlie 11. Dickens 12. Matter 14. Poor 15. Tragedy 16. Hit 17. Warp 18. Nick 22. Day 23. Tell 24. Politics 26. Nine 27. Cholera Down 1. Procrastination 3. Wife 4. Groucho 5. Place 7. Charm 8. Present 13. Tide 16. Hands 17. Whale 19. Kill 20. Upon 21. Still 25. Cher

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