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There’s something unique streaming across Gippsland, and beyond, that’s got the music industry watching.

Feb 21, 2018

Words: Gippslandia
Images: Craig Walker

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There’s something unique echoing through practice rooms across Gippsland and it’s got the music industry at large watching keenly.

Live at Spectrum’ is a LIVE streaming music television show broadcasting monthly. It gives Gippsland musicians the opportunity to play ‘live to air’ from a purpose-built studio facility in Traralgon.

It’s unique not only in Australia but in the world. We’re thrilled to share these behind-the-scenes snaps of this season’s grand finale which saw the Spectrum team take the elaborate setup to The John Leslie Theatre at The Wedge in Sale. —

The Live at Spectrum concept was created by Brett Tippet and is produced by Brett, Wayne Dwyer and Trent McCurdy, each of whom also serves as audio producer, director and voiceover artist/scriptwriter respectively. The show is hosted by Brett Glover and is staffed by a team of professionals who volunteer their time and expert skills to produce the show. For a long time, the Gippsland music industry has punched above its weight with a rich history of well-known performers emerging from and travelling to the area. Over the decades the opportunities for local musicians to share their talents have dried up as venues have closed and musical tastes have become more 'digitized'. This emphasises the incredible importance of Live at Spectrum for anyone involved in the music industry across Gippsland. The aim of the show is to offer local music artists a platform to — in a professionally produced format — present their music to an extremely wide audience. The producers of the show believe that Gippsland harbours world-class musical talent and that it should be given a spotlight in a unique way that can reach audiences all over the world. We at Gippslandia fully agree. Live at Spectrum uses the latest technology to deliver a totally unique, professional quality television show over the internet to smart televisions, phones, tablets and other devices. The show is filmed and broadcast in high definition via multiple television quality cameras. The audio is streamed in pristine stereo sound. The show also features live interviews with the artists and pre-recorded stories about music-related events and ‘goings-on’ throughout the greater Gippsland area. Because Live at Spectrum broadcasts live over the internet, it is not constrained by traditional boundaries like broadcasting area limitations, geo-restrictions or area publishing rights. Live at Spectrum’s innovative approach in using new technologies to produce the show was, until now, unproven in an independent format in Australia. It is believed that this is the only show of its kind in the country, with an audience consisting of regular viewers who watch live from America, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Vietnam, Japan and from all over Australia. Live at Spectrum is currently independent and self-funded but the purse-strings are not endless. These performances are an incredible testament to the talent and resources available in Gippsland. Founder Brett and his Spectrum team are eager to speak with any supporters willing to invest to keep the show — and to some degree a local industry — viable well into the future. Gippslandia #5 - Photo Series - Live at Spectrum

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