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Homegrown fashion extraordinaire Laura Campbell recently collaborated with a bespoke swimwear label, Anamexicana.

Feb 20, 2019

Words: Ash Burns

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Gippslandia #9 - Sync/swim. - Fashion Department.

This story is all about the uniqueness of the fabric — the styles and the ‘razzle-dazzle’!

On a recent travel escapade, homegrown fashion extraordinaire Laura Campbell had the pleasure of collaborating with a bespoke swimwear label, both adding to her knowledge and increasing her influence on their already eclectic swimwear and apparel range — Anamexicana.

Laura has spent the past decade working in the retail fashion world, having been involved with large-scale companies such as Myer, Portmans and Just Jeans, to name a few. She’s styled large, commercial photo shoots for major fashion brands and has worked closely with Melbourne label Masini Sleepwear.

Recently returning to her Gippsland roots has reignited Laura’s passion for fashion. Laura is a designer and a maker, and she gets things done! She particularly enjoys pushing the boundaries of fashion by creating individual, handmade pieces that highlight the item’s uniqueness, character and add a little bit of risqué. Laura’s particular passion has been designing and making festival attire: think lycra, sequins and lots of shiny metallic flourishes!

Gippslandia #9 - Sync/swim. - Fashion Department.

Given Anamexicana’s home on Zicatela Beach, Puerto Escondido, the brand philosophy sang quite loudly to Laura, ‘Designed in paradise. Inspired by unexpected ways’.

The ‘hidden port’ of the Mexican state of Oaxaca caters towards a more relaxed clientele than the neighbouring cities, attracting mostly local Mexican families, backpackers and especially surfers, as it hosts several major surf events.

With a substantial Aussie, beach-loving influence in this little corner of Mexico, Anamexicana is largely inspired by the practicality and functionality of designs that are to be worn by wave-riders, but without compromising on fun and style. The uniqueness of each individual piece certainly rivals other well-known swimwear labels, and the brand is pioneering future trends that we will soon see on our beaches!

Perfectly aligning with Laura’s vision, the styles lean to being more revealing and sexy, with high-cut briefs and cheeky bum bottoms all designed with a bit of sparkle and flair. The pieces are recognisable by their use of unique fabrics, metallic stitching and trims, and the attention to detail that can only come from making each piece by hand.

Gippslandia #9 - Sync/swim. - Fashion Department.

It feels as though Laura is totally in her element with this collection, so I asked her what the best part of the experience had been, and if she had any advice for Gippsland’s women as we head into our Aussie summer looking for swimwear inspiration. Her response was simple and refreshing:

“To see women of all shapes and sizes being confident in their chosen swimwear was amazing. There are no ‘rules’ for dressing on the beach. Be confident in your body and any type of swimwear will look amazing! It’s all about having fun and trying something a little different”.

If you’re looking for eclectic beach apparel, head to @anamexicana.official on Instagram and

Shoot Credits
Art Direction: Si Billam
Photographer: Andrew Northover
Model: Molly Kluck
Makeup & Hair: Carly Wilson
Styling: Laura Campbell / Ash Burns
Wardrobe: Anamexicana

Gippslandia #9 - Sync/swim. - Fashion Department.

Gippslandia #9 - Sync/swim. - Fashion Department.

Gippslandia #9 - Sync/swim. - Fashion Department.

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