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Streetgames holiday fun!

GippSport Streetgames has been busy delivering free school holiday entertainment.

Oct 15, 2021

Words: GippSport Streetgames

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GippSport Streetgames has been busy delivering a variety of free school holiday entertainment. Programmed events include four days of games at Traralgon Centre Plaza and Youth Space Skatepark hangouts, in addition to the regular Social Soccer Series.

This holiday, GippSport Streetgames partnered with Traralgon Centre Plaza to provide social sports and recreational opportunities to the children and young people visiting the plaza. With activities – such as mini-golf, Finska, table tennis, croquet, soccer, football, and dodgeball – the Streetgames team provided activities to suit every participant.

On Tuesday 21st September, TRFM joined Streetgames for a Footy Fun Day in anticipation of the AFL Grand Final. There were plenty of giveaways, while TRFM broadcasted from Traralgon Centre Plaza. With parents reporting 'the kids loved it!' and many participants announcing “Yay! Streetgames!” upon arrival.

GippSport Streetgames, in partnership with Latrobe Youth Space, delivered a five-day Skatepark hang-out series. The first two days the weather was dismal, leaving no other choice but to redirect participants to the Youth Space Building for shelter. But no matter the weather, The Streetgames crew make the best of the situation, playing ping pong, Finska, croquet, and attempting TikTok dances.

“Finska is actually really fun,” exclaimed one participant after participating for the first time. On Thursday 23rd, Streetgames were lucky to enjoy the sun playing Finska, nibbling on snacks, and reaching out to young people at Morwell Skatepark.

“Yay! Streetgames!”

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On September 9th, GippSport Streetgames collaborated with Latrobe City Council and Latrobe Youth Space to provide a live informal discussion in support of RUOK? Day 2021. This year the message was ‘Are they really OK?'. The team provided a live informal discussion exploring the benefits of keeping your body healthy, how to make a great mood food platter, and supports and services available.

The Streetgames Federation University Social Soccer training sessions have been growing in popularity with 13 teams of five people registered. GippSport Streetgames, in partnership with Federation University, has extended the session times to remain COVID-19 compliant by staggering the sessions allowing 10 people to take the field as restrictions allow.

Are they really OK?

The current series will run until 25th October. To register your interest in the next series, please DM our Facebook page or email

Check out more information on the Streetgames Facebook page, Instagram and website.

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