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Connecting Gippsland through positive storytelling.


Stay weird, stay different.

By shaking things up, Meet Martha aims to change the perception of fashion in Gippsland.

Nov 22, 2017

Words: Becc Snow & Alex Bambi

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Fashion and Gippsland haven’t always been linked together, so every move we make in the fashion and beauty industry is a calculated step towards changing that perception.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between affordable and high fashion while providing an inviting store that encourages people to shop locally. Creating and developing an individual sense of style used to be difficult in Gippsland where the profusion of chain stores restrict your choice to ‘cookie cutter’ trends. We wanted to shatter the current status quo. To do so, we realised one of our longest dreams – Meet Martha.

Martha is the girl that everyone knows, loves and wants to be. She’s that ‘perfect girl’ that we often envy. From the outset, I wanted to create a brand that promoted self-love, confidence and pushing your personal fashion boundaries. When you come in our store I hope you’re totally inspired and excited about what you can do with fashion and pushing your own personal style. The store is named ‘Meet Martha’ ‘cause I enjoy the concept of someone coming in and ‘meeting’ the person they want to become. Bringing the ideas in their head to life and making them feel amazing when they walk out again.

The day of our shoot started out moody, overcast and stark – the perfect backdrop to juxtapose the quintessentially fresh and natural looks we were aiming to nail for Gippslandia. There’s an incredible amount of beauty in Gippsland; the rolling hills, lush forests and beaches that are touted as some of Australia’s finest. Yet, we also have a potent contrast in our industrial areas and the small concrete jungles that exist in our towns. This disparity is an unexpected projection of our region, and it’s by exploring these new outlooks on Gippsland that are essential in changing estimations of what we have to offer here, which reinforces the philosophy of Meet Martha.

Each look we created with Alchemy Hair and Makeup was to highlight Helena’s natural beauty. Steering away from an overdone look to create freshness and balance within the heavy backdrop. My tip achieving the same look is to find Gleam Dream in rose by the Make Up Store. Naturally textured hair allowed for perfect versatility through each of the preppy, grungy, retro or girly outfits on being photographed. Our outfits for the shoot have an edge to ensure you will look twice, but aren’t too full on that they scare you away.

Each creative photo shoot that happens in Gippsland demonstrates to the high calibre talent in our region that they no longer need to flock to the ‘big smoke’ to showcase their talents. Right here, right now, we are fearless, soulful and wild.

Both Gippsland and Martha.

Shoot Credits
Photographer: Andrew Northover
Makeup & Hair: Alchemy Hair and Makeup
Wardrobe: Meet Martha
Model: Helena Tamboer

Gippslandia #4 - Fashion - Stay weird, stay different.

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