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Spend your New Year on the Hill.

To ensure your New Year's Eve is anything, but dull, Gippslandia chatted to the farmers that host one of the region’s best music festivals, NYE on the Hill, to learn how they continue to serve up good times!

Dec 23, 2016

Words: Gippslandia

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To ensure your New Year's Eve is anything but dull, Gippslandia chatted to the farmers that host one of the region’s best music festivals, NYE on the Hill, to learn how they continue to serve up good times!


Firstly, congratulations for recently winning the Australian Live Music Event of the Year (Regional) in the Third Annual AU. Review Awards!

Which act are you most excited to see this year?

That's like asking a farmer which their favourite animal! This year’s acts are amazing and I can't wait to see them! Dylan Joel playing the countdown slot will be pretty special, as he was crowd favourite last year. Tash Sultana will be a real highlight and JAMATAR shall surprise a lot of people too.

What was the catalyst for the Hills Are Alive events?

The main focus for all The Hills Are Alive events has always been, and continues to be, about getting great people together to enjoy incredible live music in a breathtaking location. The original catalyst was to create something special for friends and friends-of-friends that was smaller, more intimate and more unique than a lot of the bigger music festivals.

What makes NYE on the Hill the best festival to be at this year, compared to other NYE festivals?

The location, the incredible artists, the good-vibing people that attend, the 'human-scale' size of the event and the breathtaking sunsets.

What is the toughest aspect of pulling off a successful festival?

With running a festival there are so many moving parts that all need to come together to ensure it's a success. Ensuring all of these things function, and function together (at the right times) to create something greater than the individual parts is the hardest goal to achieve. The only way we’re able to do that is with an amazing community of people and volunteers. This is how we've been able to keep hosting our fun events!

How does hosting the Hills Are Alive events benefit the local community?

We involve as many community groups in Hills' events as possible and provide different ways for them to raise funds for their club/group. We have the Dalyston Football and Netball Club running the baggage transport, to Loch Primary School and Rotary Club running catering stalls and the local Country Fire Authority (CFA) running the car park. Further to that, The Hills Are Alive and NYE On The Hill brings together hundreds of people from the local area to enjoy a fun few days enjoying great music and even better company.

NYE on the Hill has already sold out, but you can keep in the loop on future festivals on the Hills Are Alive Instagram.

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