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West Gippsland is home to a vibrant Landcare community that is active right across the region.

Jan 21, 2019

Words: Jemima Milkins,Marnie Ellis,Belinda Brennan
Images: WGCMA

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How lucky are we to be surrounded by such remarkable natural resources, throughout Gippsland?! Nearly every vista we turn to or short drive we take, we’re struck with another beautiful stand of bush, glistening waterway or empty beach. It’s like Christmas morning, every day.

Gratefully, we have many dedicated souls who devote their time and energy to preserving our wild assets for generations to come. —

We recently caught up with Jemima Milkins, Marnie Ellis and Belinda Brennan of the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority (WGCMA), and were amazed at just how busy their teams have been right across the district. The following list is just some of the outstanding projects happening here. While Gippsland’s environment may seem like a Christmas gift, it actually requires more people to fulfil their New Year’s resolutions of spending more time to assist it. Get involved with your local Landcare group today, Gippslandians. Landcare in West Gippsland West Gippsland is home to a vibrant Landcare community that is active right across the region. This community is nurtured by the Bass Coast, South Gippsland, Latrobe Catchment, Yarram Yarram and Maffra Districts Landcare networks. Each network has its own distinctive characteristics, demographics, farming enterprise types and environment. Networks provide project support, best practice advice and information to members. The 72 diverse Landcare groups in the region cover a variety of land types, including highly productive Gippsland agricultural and horticultural areas, urban areas and important environmental assets. These assets include the Gippsland Lakes, Corner Inlet, Wilson’s Promontory, the Bunurong Coast, Ninety Mile Beach and Lake Wellington. Groups in the region currently undertake a range of activities focusing on issues such as riparian management, soil health, biodiversity and agricultural production. — Landcare Groups in West Gippsland are always welcoming new members, so if you are interested in joining or for further information please contact: Marnie Ellis at 1 Nereena/Tarwin Valley Landcare Group preserving habitat at the Black Spur Wetland. The Nereena/Tarwin Valley Landcare Group has partnered with the WGCMA and other organisations to preserve the Black Spur Wetland between Koonwarra and Meeniyan. This massive project needed the perfect partnership and a plan for the future of the wetland. The group secured funding which included the rail trail restoration and the proposed realignment of the South Gippsland Highway. Gippslandia #9 - Projects for people, passion & place. - List Department. — Image: Black Spur Wetlands. 2 Boolarra South Landcare helping the community recover from bushfire. After fires swept through the Boolarra area in 2009 destroying 30 houses, spirits in the community were very low. The Boolarra South Landcare Group acted and set about revegetating the Old Mill site. The area now includes established walking tracks and the five-acre site has been successfully revegetated and restored into a retreat for the local community. Gippslandia #9 - Projects for people, passion & place. - List Department. — Image: Boolarra Mill Site. 3 Korumburra Landcare Group welcomes Sir David Attenborough. The Korumburra Landcare group formed in 1994 and covers the upper Powlett catchment, which starts in Main Street, Korumburra. They have hosted people from all parts of the world to look at the great Landcare work being done. The biggest name of all, Sir David Attenborough, visited to film giant Gippsland earthworms. Gippslandia #9 - Projects for people, passion & place. - List Department. — Image: Korumburra Landcare Groups. 4 Improving land management through a mentoring program. A mentoring program is set to begin across Yarram Yarram and South Gippsland Landcare networks. Landholders will be matched with mentors to develop sustainable land management goals and action plans. Mentors will receive training to provide effective support and guidance to mentees. Gippslandia #9 - Projects for people, passion & place. - List Department. — Image: Strzelecki Ranges. 5 Powlett Project Landcare Group working with students in Bass Coast. Powlett catchment landholders will be connected to 11 schools and host activities including seed collecting, propagation, planting and monitoring. This project directly engages landholders and Powlett Project Landcare volunteers in helping school groups plant indigenous plants, monitor water, soils, wildlife and flora on their properties to improve the health of the Powlett Catchment. Gippslandia #9 - Projects for people, passion & place. - List Department. — Image: Planting for the Powlett Project. 6 Regenerative approach to pasture management in Maffra & District Landcare. Perry Bridge farmers Jen Ribolli and David and Ruth Read take a regenerative approach to pasture management. Over the last 16 years the family’s beef and sheep farm, Woodcote, has pioneered innovative techniques in soil health and perennial pastures with impressive results. Gippslandia #9 - Projects for people, passion & place. - List Department. — Image: Woodcote Farm, Perry Bridge. 7 Jack & Albert River Restoration. The Jack and Albert River Restoration project (JARR) is a landscape-scale project driven by the local community and sits within the Yarram Yarram Landcare Network (YYLN). The ultimate goal of the project is to maintain or improve the resilience of habitat for migratory wading bird populations, seagrass and marine life within the Corner Inlet and Nooramunga Marine and Coastal Parks. Gippslandia #9 - Projects for people, passion & place. - List Department. — Image: Members of the JARR Project Steering Committee.

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