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Podcasts killed the video star.

Be all ears as we meet the voices behind some of our region’s most captivating and rewarding podcasts.

Jul 26, 2020

Words: Gippslandia

There is something uniquely special about losing yourself in oral storytelling. Your imagination runs riot as the captivating tale, comedy or stream of knowledge is delivered through your hearing holes onwards to your brain’s neocortex. Detaching from your surrounds and tumbling into a podcast rabbit hole is one of the joys of this increasingly popular medium.

Be all ears as we meet the voices behind some of our region’s most captivating and rewarding listens: The Gloaming, Phillip Island Nature Parks Podcast and GippslandScapes. We reckon you’ll be jumping on Spotify or your fav poddy platform to hear what they have to say next.

Phillip Island Nature Parks Podcast
Phillip Island Nature Parks Podcast

Promiscuous penguins, commando crawling on rocks amongst thousands of seals, staring into the eyes of an orangutan, bringing bandicoots back from the brink — Phillip Island Nature Parks podcasts are personal, one-on-one conversations that take you on a unique journey into the frontline of conservation.

Podcast Creators:
Phillip Island Nature Parks

First Podcast Release Date:
March 2019

No. of Episodes Released: 6

The catalyst for creating a podcast:
Phillip Island Nature Parks is not only home to incredible wildlife and landscapes; dig a little deeper and you’ll find a team of incredibly dedicated researchers, conservationists and more. We wanted to share the work they do but also personal stories to inspire people about conservation and the importance of following their dreams. So, we got two people and a microphone and started talking. The wonderful Vika and Linda Bull lent their support with an intro and the rest is history — or our podcast!

The most significant learning experience while working on the project:
It’s been inspiring to witness people opening up in the studio — these are scientists we’re interviewing after all, and they often prefer to be in the background! Our flowing conversations provide an understanding of the bigger picture of people’s lives, and how they have arrived at their current position is a great learning experience. The simple art of conversation is often the most powerful and relatable way to present a podcast.

It’s difficult to pick your favourite child, but describe your best episode:
That’s impossible, as I love them all equally. But as a story, ‘Peter and the Penguins’ is how Dr Peter Dann began working at the Nature Parks in 1980 and was the catalyst for saving Phillip Island’s Little Penguin population from extinction — as stories go, you can’t get much better than that.

Listen at

The Gloaming
The Gloaming

Conversations with Gippsland locals, as well as others from across the globe, to explore what makes a community resilient and what we are doing to make Gippsland a place where all of us can make a good life.

Podcast Creators:
James Allen & Angelo Saridis

First Podcast Release Date:
25 March 2018

No. of Episodes Released: 19

The catalyst for creating the podcast:
A love of podcasting and of Gippsland, together with a healthy interest in what makes a community resilient. We noticed our media diet was heavy on national and state news, but pretty thin when it came to rich local stories, so we wanted to mine Gippsland for those stories and share them with everyone.

The most significant learning experience while working on the project:
Hearing yourself in the recording highlights some of the habits we have as English speakers (a term we use very loosely). But seriously, seeing the impact of what a person can do in their local environment to contribute to the resilience and wellbeing of their neighbourhood, community and the broader region.

It’s difficult to pick your favourite child, but describe your best episode:
We really enjoyed the process of creating ‘Episode 12 - Art… what is it good for?’. It was a departure from our usual format and a real challenge, but it came together amazingly. It was great to show the role of art in community resilience. When most people think ‘resilience’, they think ‘emergency services’ or similar, but art is absolutely essential and it was great to draw out that story.

Listen via TuneIn streamed radio or on our website

GippslandScapes Podcast
GippslandScapes Podcast

Good people doing great things for our environment.

Podcast Creators:
West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority

First Podcast Release Date:
August 2019

No. of Episodes Released: 11

The catalyst for creating the podcast:
To share the extraordinary work to protect and improve the Gippsland environment by farmers, small landholders, community groups and individuals. It’s easy to get hung up on the idea that the environment is stuffed and there is nothing good going on. In fact, there is lots of great work happening and plenty of opportunities for you to get involved.

The most significant learning experience while working on the project:
Our producer comes from a radio background, so the audio side of things has been okay. The main challenge was finding a good hosting service with tech support and analytics. We have now found a great Australian company.

It’s difficult to pick your favourite child, but describe your best episode:
Yeah, you’re right there! All the people we’ve spoken to have been passionate about their projects. The ‘favourite’ stuff has been around the idea of regenerative agriculture. That’s farmers working their land in ways that might be less traditional, but that really helps to drought-proof their property, improve resilience and still make a profit.

Listen at

The Mast

Emerging from 2017 renovations undertaken by Lauren Murphy for her photography studio, The MAST will see the upper level of the Warragul Gazette building become a meeting and nurturing space for the arts, social connection and trade. This exciting development is supported by Creative Victoria funding and other project partners to be officially launched later in 2020.

The MAST will provide users with affordable access to professional workspaces, equipment and knowledge. There will be a dedicated podcast room available for hire, including professional studio quality recording equipment. The creative workspace will also include an affordable gallery and gig space, private desk hire and a professional workshop room. With a community art project launching in the space, The MAST will be the true intersection of expression!

to Gippslandia.

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