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Pizza ain’t pizza.

To us, it’s wrong that there’s just one word, ‘pizza’, to describe a range of well-rounded meals that express such variety via their maker’s individual approach.

Dec 30, 2016

Words: Michael Duncan

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To us, it’s wrong that there’s just one word, ‘pizza’, to describe a range of well-rounded meals that express such variety via their maker’s individual approach.

Even the Merriam-Webster Dictionary doesn’t do it justice:

Pizza, noun. A dish of Italian origin, consisting of a flat round base of dough baked with a topping of tomatoes and cheese, typically with added meat, fish, or vegetables.

We at Gippslandia, with an undying love for pizza felt compelled to clarify a few misnomers surrounding our beloved dish. Firstly, there’s the standard Australian pizza – the one generally found in takeaway shops. This delight is best served in cardboard boxes and is usually as good at breakfast as it was for dinner. When served with a 1.5l bottle of Coke and garlic bread you’ve got a package that’s fun for the whole family. If you’re uncertain whether this is the style of pizza you’re typically eating; place the pizza in one hand and the Coke in the other. If the pizza, overladen with ingredients, weighs more than your bottle of soft drink, then it’s confirmed, you’ve got yourself a takeaway behemoth.

Next up we have the ‘gourmet’ pizza. This guy’s a bit different. While he may still be found in takeaway shops, this gem is more frequently found hanging out in cafes and restaurants. A little more effort goes into the making of the crust and there’s been time spent in refining the toppings. A lot of the time, this classy fellow is cooked in a woodfired oven. You’ve had this guy, and you liked it.

Finally, we arrive at the ‘artisan’ pizza – the pièce de résistance of pizza. A pizza of this stature isn’t thrown together by a kid working their after-school job, but by a chef, a gifted artist, that dreams of sculpting the very best pizzas. Every ingredient has been sourced with consideration, the dough has been handcrafted, the toppings are applied deliberately and with love, and the cooking of the pizza is analysed like a science. This, friends, is what life is all about.

All pizzas have their time and place, but today, we at Gippslandia, are going to direct our attention to the finest artisans creations.

Here in Gippsland, we’re fortunate to be blessed with many great restaurants that specialize in pizza. Their menus may cater for other needs, but pizza is why they exist, and their pizza is the reason we’ve fallen for them. Let us guide you to your next exquisite pizza experience. It may require a drive, but trust us; it’ll be worth it!


View more at, or on instagram @andrew.northover

View more at, or on Instagram @andrew.northover[/caption]

Gippsland's most unique pizza experience

Want a truly unique kid-friendly pizza experience? Gather up your dough and favourite gourmet spread and head to Jeeralang North Hall’s Community Pizza oven — in essence, a wood-fired pizza oven in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the ambience of the natural surrounds. Ah, the pizza-infused serenity. You’ll need to bring your own wood and pizza crafting skills too, but the result of your efforts will undoubtedly be one of those rare times that sharing food on Instagram will totally fly with all your friends.

Jeeralang North Hall Community Pizza Oven

Heading up Jeeralang North Road; follow the signs to the Jeeralang North Hall. When it becomes a dirt track, you’re only about a kilometre away.

Don’t forget to take:

Wood, gloves, dough, ingredients, stuff to wash up with, matches/lighters, suncream, mozzie repellent, water, rags/ paper towels, good vibes & cheer. Pizza tossing, optional...

View more at, or on instagram @andrew.northover

View more at, or on Instagram @andrew.northover


Our local artisan-style-pizza faves

The pizza scene in Gippsland has improved steadily over the past few years, which is a gift to us all. Although this list is non-exhaustive, all roads lead to Rome, and in this case, Rome is a killer Margherita. Consistently excellent, here’s our top picks for purveyors of quality dough, sugo, cheese.

Café Stellina

17 Peterkin Street, Traralgon

Nestled away in one of Traralgon’s oldest buildings, Café Stellina offers a classic dining experience - both indoors and under the beautiful trees behind the picket fence. The combination of delicious pizza, top-shelf ingredients and excellent service and atmosphere makes it a Gippsland pizza must-do.

By Jorg @ Narkoojee Winery

220 Francis Road, Glengarry North

Gazing out over the vines, you’ll hear the birds chirping as you sip your pinot between bites of a pizza that’s as well considered as the wine. Narkookjee is a perfect environment for your next pizza experience.

Trulli Woodfired Pizzeria

93 Whitelaw Street, Meeniyan

Quite possibly the prized jewel of Gippsland pizza; this modern café takes the historic art of pizza-making and makes it an icon for Meeniyan. The dough, the incredible crust and the minimalist ingredients make this pizza a delight. Fun bonus, the township of Meeniyan has free Wi-Fi for you to enjoy.


Our cityside artisan pizza faves

Post-meeting dinners in Melbourne have continually reaffirmed that the city has some of the best pizzas in the world. We recommend you find the time to treat yourself (and your tastebuds) at the following fine establishments:

La Svolta Pizzeria

450 Hampton Street, Hampton

(Our absolute Holy Grail of pizza!)

Trunk Bar & Restaurant

275 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

400 Gradi

99 Lygon Street, East Brunswick & Crown Casino Complex


Other local honourable mentions

Pinocchio Inn The Esplanade, Lakes Entrance

Bridle Road Pizza Bridle Road, Morwell

Dal Mondo Post Office Place, Traralgon

Jinks Creek Gembrook-Tonimbuk Rd, Tonimbuk

Pepe’s Queen Street, Warragul


Who did we miss? (Yay, more pizza...)

Jump on to your social media, join the conversation and let us know your favourite, better yet, take a snap and #gippslandiapizza

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