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Meet the gang.

Introducing the courageous and creative young people who have crafted this very special edition of Gippslandia.

Apr 15, 2023

Words: Gippslandia

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Introducing the courageous and creative young people that have crafted this very special edition of Gippslandia.

Thanks to the Gippslandia Mentorship Program delivered via the Regional Arts Victoria Future Reset Project, the following 14 young people have enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about journalism, storytelling and newspaper production before diving in and creating the very pages you hold now.

After bearing witness to their journey, we couldn’t be prouder of them all!

Drumroll, please.

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Here are the impressive instigators of issue 30...

Aisha Dawson

Aisha grew up in Thailand and moved to Australia five years ago. Living in Gippsland has given her the opportunity to take on more leadership roles. Aisha is passionate about making a positive impact on the community through different projects while applying her love for art into the process.

Amy Allender

Amy has been engaged in the eclectic art community of East Gippsland for many years. From a young age, Amy has been involved in FLOAT: a Lake Tyers–based community group with a strong focus on art, environment and sustainability. Amy produces a monthly comic strip for the LTB Newsletter and is currently working with FLOAT on developing an applied arts school based in Lakes Entrance. Amy believes there should be more opportunities for young people to follow alternate pathways into careers that harness their talents and passions. She aspires to experience all different ways of making art and blending art with life.

Chilli Cabello

Chilli Cabello is a 16-year-old student living on Millowl/Phillip Island. She has a passion for all the creative arts, taking a special interest in makeup, photography and film. Chilli loves international cinema and editorial photography. Chilli gravitates towards the more odd and strange side of art and enjoys creating fun and bold pieces channelling political elements and current events.

Chloe Oakes

Chloe is a teenager residing on a farm in rural Gippsland. She strives to explore new opportunities and experiences – such as participating in this mentorship program. Chloe has a deep appreciation for various forms of art and occasionally indulges in reading to immerse herself in different realms beyond the countryside. Moving forward, she aspires to continue her artistic journey and embark on travels to broaden her horizons. The future holds endless possibilities, and Chloe eagerly anticipates the new and exhilarating encounters that await her.

Darcy Stockdale

Darcy Stockdale is a local up-and-coming creative from the east of the Latrobe Valley, with a passion for all forms of media and visual arts. Darcy’s experience includes on-stage, radio, event planning and visual arts such as drawing and painting and music. Now, having gained experience in print and journalism, his eyes are set on television and podcasting next. Darcy is only 17 and set to finish high school with the class of ‘24. With all this before turning 18, who knows what’s in store for Darcy next?

Isabella Herben

Isabella has always had a passion for all things creative. She has entered multiple writing competitions, had work published in the Shared Stories anthologies and received a subject award for her work in VCE Media. Isabella hopes readers will feel inspired and uplifted by this issue of Gippslandia.

Joel Wilbraham

Growing up in the presence of nature helped Joel find photography as a passion at the age of 15. This opened the door for opportunities, allowing him to develop and further build his photography skills to a point that helped him establish and continue to build his own business - one that has been built from passion and support from others.

Lily Nickless

Lily is a 17-year-old with a passion for art. Creating and selling around East Gippsland, Lily’s mission is to get as many people inspired by art as possible.

Ruby Watson

Ruby is a 16-year-old student who has spent the majority of their life on Phillip Island, but who has recently moved with their family to the big smoke to commence their VCE. A lover of all things creative, including digital arts, writing and candle making, Ruby sees a teaching or media career in their future, with lots of travel in between.

Saxxon Weekes

Saxxon grew up in West Gippsland and has found his place in the musical theatre scene, doing amateur shows with Class Act Productions, Warragul Theatre Company and Latrobe Theatre Company. Now, Saxxon is about to start university at RMIT.

Tahlia Field

Tahlia grew up in Gippsland, and from a young age enjoyed engaging in, and following, sports. Tahlia has played netball and basketball in her local community. Tahlia is actively involved in the local basketball community and enjoys playing and watching hoops.

Tali Oates

A born and bred Gippslandian, working with Gippslandia has been a dream come true for Tali. Tali loves exploring the Gippsland lakes and mountains with her family while also taking the time to deep dive into the world of fiction and art. Currently in her last year of high school, Tali is looking to 'build [her] own world' through the pursuit of her creative passions including painting, writing and illustration, inside and outside the classroom. She is passionate about the importance of art and social media as a positive tool for connection and community.

Tara Elston

From a young age, Tara has been interested in the arts: making art, writing and experiencing creativity at any chance she could. After graduating from high school in 2023, Tara aspires to find a way to pursue all her many passions and use her free time to share these with the community. Tara feels deeply about being connected to others who share her love for art and creativity and hopes they have an expressive outlet.

Zara Clydesdale

Zara is a 17-year-old currently embarking on her final year of high school in Gippsland. She is passionate about graphics and fine arts, particularly their capacity to inspire and convey a narrative or message. After graduating, Zara intends to study at university within this artistic field.

Gippslandia - Issue No. 30

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