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Making autumn.

Autumn, the season when our makeup channels the colours of the changing leaves.

May 26, 2017

Words: Elle James

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Autumn, the season when our makeup channels the colours of the changing leaves.

There's no better place in Gippsland to retreat to when you’re looking to enjoy your inner-autumn vibes than the breathtaking town of Buchan. Nestled in the hills, just outside the picturesque town, resides the Buchan Farmhouse, proudly run by the parents of my über-talented and creative bestie – Hannah Gilbert. Over the past 12 years, Mary and Dennis Gilbert have worked tirelessly to make their beautiful homestead the perfect city escape. A place to put your feet up and take in the endless array of hillside views, watch the goats (Princess and Flicker) play in the adjoining paddocks, take a stroll through the property or simply relax on the porch with your favourite novel, a cup of tea and maybe one of Mary’s famous scones and homemade jam. You can’t get a more quintessential country experience than that!

A country escape is a must in autumn. I feel that you can’t really appreciate the beauty of the season without taking a leisurely drive through the countryside. This particular, ‘Sunday drive’, definitely didn’t disappoint in the inspiration department! My chameleon muse, Giselle, displays my love for all things that are natural, soft and dreamy for the season ahead of us. From simple, dewy skin to a pop of colour – such as Burnt Orange from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance pallet on the eyelids – I love it all.

Amazingly, only two brushes were used to create Giselle’s soft, blended eye. Yup, you read that correctly. The lady who carries over 100 brushes to every job managed to use only two brushes to achieve this look. If I’m honest, these two brushes are always my ‘go-to’ brushes, so I highly suggest that you head out and get yourself the famous MAC 217 Blending Brush and the Napoleon Perdis 8B Diffusing Brush for the finer details on the lower lash line. These are definite necessities!

After a night at the Farm House, Giselle woke in the pre-dawn dark to take in the freshness of a new day. Sunrises are so beautiful. Once you’re enjoying the view of the sun creeping above the horizon, the memory of your 5am alarm bells instantly dissolves. The day of our shoot flowed from a sunrise spent basking on a rock wall, that made us feel like we’d just walked onto the set of a movie on the Welsh countryside, then breakfast back at the cottage, while lounging in the trendy lacy lingerie from Kat the Label (obsessed), a picnic in the first of the fallen autumn leaves and then we pumped up the glamour to capture what I believe to be the most exciting trends for the season!

I love that we’re still seeing denim in our wardrobe. The colour pallet is so beautiful from soft caramels, khaki, hues of pastel blue and white, and textures of leather and lace. Giselle effortlessly shows us that soft tousled finger waved hair - created with a flat iron, a spritz or two of Eleven Sea Salt Texture Spray and their Slick Hold Styling Pomade for that wet, effortlessly pieced-together look. You can find these essential products at

Even though summer has passed, hydration is still key. Not only do the autumn leaves lose moisture and shrivel, so does your skin if you don’t take action. Skincare doesn’t need to break the bank. My preferred face-saver is from the cost-effective Priceline. At night I smother my face with Egyptian Magic, and it really lives up to its name!

Giselle’s sunset glow is brought to you by a combination of pre-make-up exfoliation, moisture, radiant priming and a dab of Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer to the highest points of the face; the cheek bone, cupids bow, tip of the nose and that’s it, ladies. If you don’t need foundation, don’t use it! Take care of your skin, research and buy the right products for you, and not what the vlogger on YouTube is using. Create the best version of you! #LoveYourSkin

As I said in the first edition, for more information and tips on what I’ve covered in this piece, please feel free to reach me at – I’m super friendly! x

Location: Buchan Farmhouse Accommodation - @buchanfarmhouse
Photographer: Hannah Gilbert - @hannahgilbert_photographer
Makeup & Hair: Elle James @ellejames_makeup
Model: Giselle Kelly
Lingerie: Kat the Label @kat_thelabel
Fashion & Styling: From the wardrobe of Elle and Hannah’s #RawBeautyStyled Sessions.

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