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Insider sips.

Recently, Shelley Banders enjoyed the opportunity to banter with some of Gippsland's generous drink makers who offered up some of their local favs, hot tips and who we need to watch.

Sep 18, 2023

Words: Shelley Banders

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Recently, Gippslandia’s Shelley Banders had the chance to chat with a coterie of our region’s classiest drink makers, including Allevare Wines, A.R.C Wines, Entropy Wines, Fleet Wines, Sailors Grave Brewing and Xavier Goodridge, who shared a few of their local favourites, some juicy insights and what’s exciting them.

Shall we drink them in?

I'm excited about a bunch of new vineyard plantings around Gippsland...

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Enjoyed lately?

Travellers Rest Hotel in Thorpdale
“A nice cold pint, best views, delicious food – most authentic English pub we've been to in West Gippsland” – Allevare

Baw Baw Syrah by Chateau Acid
“Made by newcomers to the region Simon Jones & Charlie O’Brien” – A.R.C

Sailors Grave Brewing
“Just cracked a Sailors Grave ‘Really Really Really Bitter’. Like fresh-cut grass and sunshine, I love it” – Entropy

Quincey Juice
“This non-alcoholic quince and apple cider is a firm favourite here at the brewery; you can find Steph from Quincey around at markets in East Gippsland” – Sailors

A good local?

Howler Brewing Company
“Best parma in West Gippsland! Delicious beers and absolutely genuine people” – Allevare

“Opening in Warragul, should be a really great place for a plate of food and a glass of wine” – Entropy

The Borough Dept Store
“Our local café – incredible coffee” – Fleet

Maffco Brewery and Distillery
“They are doing great things; it’s so good to see key heritage buildings in Gippsland repurposed and brought back to life” – Sailors

Hogget Kitchen
“A negroni at Hogget” – Allevare

An anticipated release?

Bandicoot Run
“Keep an eye out for this chardonnay aged in ceramic eggs from our good friends Al and Adrianna” – A.R.C

Gurneys Cider Zero
“It’s a mix of apple cider, green tea and apple cider vinegar which is spot on for the market! Gurney’s cellar door takes in the magnificent vista of Wilsons Prom; they are innovative and creative, constantly growing and the loveliest people” – Sailors

Xavier Goodridge
“Goodridge’s site is in Maffra, where he's grafting a whole bunch of interesting things. He's one of the best winemakers I know and I'm excited to see what he's going to do out there” – Entropy

Worth the drive?

Sailors Grave Tap Shack, Orbost
“As one of the most remote producers, I would have to say us! Our Tap Shack or hopefully at the Lakes Entrance Slipway Redevelopment this summer” – Sailors

Dirty Three cellar door, Inverloch
“‘The Dirty Rizza’ is their tribute to the Mosel region in Germany and an absolute favourite of ours” – Sailors

Marlo Pub
“One-on-the-wood at the Marlo” – Xavier

Kilcunda General Store fish and chips
“Enjoyed on the beach in summer” – A.R.C

Trulli Restaurant
“Best pizza around and local beer on tap” – Entropy

An enduring favourite?

Loch Brewery & Distillery Gin
“We are absolutely obsessed” – Allevare

Lightfoot & Sons Rosé
“Always in our fridge” – Sailors

Bass Phillip Wines
“One of the older wineries in Gippsland that put pinot noir and chardonnay on the map for our region” – Entropy

Anything, it seems, by Bill Downie
“William Downie, always brilliant” – Xavier

“Bill’s pinot’s are iconic” – A.R.C

“To watch his evolution has been extraordinary” – Fleet

“Well-established legend status” – Sailors

Something less boozy?

Cannibal Creek Bakehouse
“The chai is always a favourite. Pick up some bread baked in their amazing wood oven while you are there” – Allevare

O.MY Restaurant
“The clever team have curated a non-alcohol pairing offering with their menu and we think it’s brilliant” – Fleet

Homemade elderflower cordial
“Made from elderflowers grown on our farm, mixed with sparkling water. It’s our summer go-to and daily refresher when working hard in the garden” – A.R.C

Ripplebrook Farm
“We have also been making a delicious lemon cordial with the lemons from Lesley” – Allevare

One to watch?

Fleet Wines/Ever Reve Farm
“Anything by this incredibly inspiring team” – Allevare

“The new project from Lisa and Justin Jenkins is definitely one to watch for future releases” – A.R.C

Entropy Wines
“Ryan Ponsford is one to watch – he has been building an amazing reputation very quickly and the wine goes from strength to strength” – Sailors

New plantings
“I'm excited about a bunch of new vineyard plantings around Gippsland – Pat Sullivan and Bill Downies’ new plantings in Baw Baw Shire, as well as Fleet Wines and The Wine Farm's new plantings in South Gippsland” – Entropy

Gippslandia - Issue No. 28

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