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Human rubbish.

An experience of the waste dumped in our bush, ocean, rivers and farmland.

Dec 3, 2019

Images: Lauren Murphy

“With hands reached up to the sky, we let our rubbish fall. A flood of indifference, drowning all that is wild. Careless seconds bleed into lost time Dregs of consumption speak our universal truth.” — Photographer Lauren Murphy

We’ve all seen the gut-wrenching images of animals painfully dying a slow death from our rubbish. What if we were to reinsert ourselves back into these same environments (the bush, ocean, rivers and farmland) and experience the waste we’ve willfully dumped there?

All of the garbage seen in these photographs was found at the location or on the roadside en route to the shoot, the lone exception being the bubble-wrap. The entire set of photos was taken in Gippsland.

Shot Details

Model—Nicolette Snowden
Assistant—Laurie Everaert


Models—Mia and James Duiker


Model—Kerryn Vaughn
Assistant—ordan Kruijer Hall

Model—Logan Tilbury Anderson
Assistant—Jordan Kruijer Hall


Model—Jordan Kruijer Hall

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