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ArticleLiving Well

Home time.

There is much to learn from all of the additional days we've had at home.

Dec 14, 2021

Words: Gippslandia

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What can we learn from all these additional days at home?

While our knowledge of philosophy is more than a bit rusty these days, we do remember a question on who has the greater understanding of the world: the person who travelled to various countries to experience their culture constantly, or the person who sat still each day taking in the bustling small town surrounding him?

With overseas travel still stuck on the tarmac, we asked some of Gippslandia’s beloved contributors about the view that they keep returning to during the pandemic-related lockdowns. As you can see, we received escapism through nature, creative endeavors and entertaining the kids.

Maybe your next bold adventure takes you no further than your backyard?

And, you’ll be all the wiser for it.

“Here are a couple of photos taken by my nephew when I was homeschooling them and filming an episode of Kids Camera Club. I thought it may be interesting to have a kid’s perspective.” – Lauren Murphy, and the photographer is Hudson Welch of Jindivick. Featured in Hudson’s shots are Reed Welch and Mia Duiker.

“A gale of westerly wind, recorded on the wall; a studio swinging on its moorings. FLOAT, with Alice Ann Pepper in residence, unperturbed.” – wrote Josephine Jacobi, who took this photograph of Gunaikurnai artist Alice Ann Pepper’s workspace.

The day had been pretty windy, but Josephine had paddled over to help with the generator. Alice was the Artist in Residence at FLOAT recently. In the photo, you can see Cameron Robbin's wind-powered drawing machine on the wall beside Alice's flag.

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“At home in Mirboo North, manifesting the events we long to host, the spaces we wish to bring to life and the community that is ready for it.” – Nicky Cawood.

Room with a view
Gippsland green shifts my focus
from containment to release
my eyes drawn as the wind
riffles leaves against stillness
lifting to the trees and the cloudy grey distance

– Jeannie Haughton.

Gippslandia - Issue No. 20

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