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Dressed for success.

This is our pictorial ode to Gippsland’s journalists.

Jul 22, 2020

Words: Gippslandia

Thomas Jefferson remarked that if he had to decide, “whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government”, he wouldn’t hesitate, he’d much prefer the latter.

Now, more than ever, we need the fourth estate to be functioning: seeking truths, exacting accountability and keeping our community informed, without fear or favour.

The news never sleeps. The deadlines are unrelenting. Our reporters keep grinding.

This is our pictorial ode to Gippsland’s journalists. Keep chasing the story.

We wish them every success.

Lauren Murphy
& Si Billam

Lauren Murphy Photography

Styling / wardrobe:
Emma Lieshout
Ellsytle Boutique, Warragul

Imogen Muir (typewriter)

Rachel O’Dwyer (on desk)

Celine Marli (holding newspaper)

Holly Portelli (red jacket)

Paul Kuol (phone selfie)

Bernard Laverty (at desk)


Hats off to the team behind this shoot, especially Lauren Murphy and Si Billam, as they devised a technique to photograph a single location with multiple models during the Covid-19 isolation restrictions. Each model was shot individually, then included in the composite image during post-production, eventually revealing the rambunctious newsroom you see here.

to Gippslandia.

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