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Come home to the arts.

Introducing - Gippsland Performing Arts Centre - A world class venue where you can come home to the arts.

Feb 20, 2024

Words: Gippslandia

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For more than five years, Gippslandia has been well entrenched in our creative community. We’ve loved telling the stories, sharing the brilliant works and celebrating our wonderful region.

Throughout this time, we’ve seen a creative explosion, and as far as the creative industries go, we’ve proven that Gippsland is well and truly world-class. It’s a place where you can come home to the arts.

We find it fitting that our creative industries will find a new home at the world-class Gippsland Performing Arts Centre (GPAC), opening on March 3rd.

It’s a monumental moment for Gippsland, particularly for people in Latrobe City following the opening of the Gippsland Regional Aquatic Centre and redevelopment of the Gippsland Regional Indoor Sports Stadium, both completed during the Covid pandemic and raising the level of infrastructure in the region.

Gippsland Performing Arts Centre - or GPAC as you’ll come to know it - has been a $42.1 million project, made possible by collaborative investment from the Victorian Government ($12 million), the Australian Government’s Community Development Grants Programme ($10 million), and Latrobe City Council.

Given the size of the investment and the much-anticipated opening, it’s any wonder they’re throwing the launch party of the year, actually, it's more than a party - it’s a festival.

“The opening festival is a chance for our whole community to explore and feel welcome in the Gippsland Performing Arts Centre, as we lift the curtain on this amazing new facility and celebrate what it has to offer,” said Mayor of Latrobe City, Councillor Kellie O’Callaghan who believes; “The Gippsland Performing Arts Centre will also make a significant contribution towards the ongoing recovery of our creative industries and visitor economy from the challenges of COVID-19.”

An entertainment and cultural hub, The GPAC is Gippsland’s new home of the arts and will offer us the very best in theatre, comedy, music and dance.

Boasting a new 750 seat auditorium, indoor and outdoor spaces for workshops, free WiFi, events and an onsite café, you’ll be immersed in a place that allows you to connect, create and experience the arts.

Whilst GPAC will attract high calibre guests and performances its heart will remain local with artists, theatre groups, dance schools, bands, community orchestras and choirs from across Gippsland encouraged and invited to be part of the GPAC program.

For those who don’t frequent Traralgon, GPAC is located on Kay Street, just a short walk from the centre of town, a stunning facility that can’t be missed. It might be time to ‘come home to the arts', wander into the foyer, stroll up to the box office and check it out for yourself. With a bit of luck, you’ll walk away with a handful of tickets and a copy of the latest Gippslandia.

To celebrate the launch - GPAC is giving away 5x tickets to see Client Liaison on March 4, inclusive of a meet and greet with the band and access to the soundcheck.

It’s your chance to be part of an opening weekend at the GPAC that you’ll be talking about for generations. Click here to enter.

Now whilst you’re here - a little sneak peak at what they’ve got to offer in opening week, for more details and a chance to lose yourself in exploration, we’d strongly recommend jumping on their website and seeing where you land.
Now whilst you’re here - a little sneak peak at what they’ve got to offer in opening week, for more details and a chance to lose yourself in exploration, we’d strongly recommend jumping on their website and seeing where you land.

- Friday 4 March | Client Liaison with special guests The Merindas

Tickets $40 Full Price and $25 Access Price

Pull out your deluxe leisure suit and make it extra. Client Liaison are bringing theirs and more to this epic occasion.

- Saturday 5 March | OPEN Comedy Gala

Tickets $40 Full Price and $25 Access Price

We’re raising the curtain on a huge comedy line-up. Featuring Peter Helliar, Nikki Britton, Lizzy Hoo and Vidya Rajan, you’re in for a barrel of actual LOLs to get you warmed up for a regular showing of comedy talent.

- Friday 4 – Saturday 5 March | Up Late

$ - Free

Warm nights and twinkly lights will be the order of Friday and Saturday evenings outdoors. Get ready for a boogie with local music acts, a 10-minute shipping container dance party and other special treats if you happen to be in the right place at the right time…

- Saturday 5 – Sunday 6 March | Big Family Weekender

$ - Free

Families, we are ready for you. The Big Family Weekender on Saturday and Sunday is going to bring fun times for FREE! With workshops, crafty activities, performances, and a whole lot of silliness, this is going to be a great opportunity get a taste of what GPAC is all about.

See or call the box office on 03 5176 3333 to book for ticket.

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