Welcoming more people around the table.

Everyday Grain-Free Baking by Kelly Smith.

What celebration is there that doesn’t include food?

The beautiful presentation and delicious aromas tempt our taste buds while also encouraging conversation to flow, and together they make us feel a part of something special.

Kelly Smith’s “heartfelt mission [was to write a] book [that] provided… a whole host of deliciously comforting… recipes, while also inspiring [us] to rediscover the joy of sharing delightful creations with those [we] love” and Everyday Grain-Free Baking does just that.

Sharing food helps people to connect, that’s why it is so important to have beautiful, delicious food that everyone can enjoy. This is something that we really noticed when our family found it necessary to move our diet away from the usual wheat, sugar and dairy ingredients that are in just about everything, and the corn, soy, potato and sugar alternatives in everything else.

Not sharing the same food as everyone else at a gathering really does make you feel disconnected. And when other people don’t want to share what you prepare because they are afraid or think the food is weird, it creates another form of disconnection.

Finding Everyday Grain-Free Baking by Kelly Smith really helped to close that gap and allow us to connect with family and friends again.

We love Kelly’s book because the food is easy to prepare, looks and smells delicious and everyone can enjoy it. If we don’t tell anyone, most people don’t even notice that the breads, muffins, cakes, biscuits and pies are made from healthy alternative ingredients.

The reason why Everyday Grain-Free Baking works so well is because Kelly has come to understand how to use the ingredients to get the right flavour and texture. I have found her recipes stand up so well that we can replace some of the recipe elements when we need to. For example: we often replace the coconut oil component in a recipe with a good olive oil, and find that the finished product is just as good.

We have already made more than half the items presented in this book and have loved every one. Since we regularly get asked for the recipes by our friends and family, I really believe that this demonstrates this cookbook’s ability to win over those without such diet restrictions too — not always an easy task.

To share Kelly’s rapidly growing knowledge, experience and passion for healthy, grain-free baking (including meals), you can visit her blog, TheNourishingHome.com, or invest in a copy of her beautifully presented book, Everyday Grain-Free Baking.

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