Gippslandia #7 - Artist Feature - South Gippsland Halls

Hall and Oates.

Not having a major arts centre in your region could be seen as an insurmountable barrier to propagating a blossoming creative culture. Not for South Gippsland. From a point of understanding that, “Halls have traditionally been the place for communities to gather and host social and cultural events,” Arts Development Officer Mary Sullivan and her team quickly scoured their lush corner of the world and located about 50 beautifully quirky halls that are ripe for sharing creativity with the world.

Mary’s rapt to be contributing to such an uplifting period in South Gippsland arts scene, adding, “We’re currently experiencing the formation of many new committees who recognise the value of bringing cultural events to their halls… They see towns who host extraordinary music events in their hall flourish, like Meeniyan, and they hope to generate a bit of this energy in their own towns”.

“As more of the community are involved in this movement to host cultural events, the creative possibilities and community benefit are limitless. Local creatives get more venues to show their talent, local audiences get to experience an array of acts, and South Gippsland as a whole benefit from an increase in visitors, keen to experience a unique and intimate cultural event in a beautiful setting.”

Gippslandia #7 - Artist Feature - South Gippsland Halls

Both Mary and our writer, Ryan, have contributed much more to this promising tale, but once our photographer returned with imagery from only a tiny segment of the available halls our brains exploded with the potential on offer. Nuts!

For now, let the following spaces be filled with your creative visions.

Gippslandia #7 - Artist Feature - South Gippsland Halls

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  1. Delighted to be highlighted in your publication. Many thanks from the committee and community of Hallston and surrounding districts

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