Gippslandia - On Board Exhibition - Opening Night

On Board – opening night.

Gippsland Art Gallery and Wellington Shire Youth Council in partnership with Gippslandia, invite you to the exhibition opening and announcement of winners of the On Board – Skate Deck Competition, an art competition exploring the artistic expression of skateboard culture, at the Port of Sale.

The announcement of the winners will be made on the evening by guest speaker John Calabro (Publisher, Gippslandia). Judges for the prize are John Calabro (Gippslandia), Tim Leeson (Gippslandia) and Belinda Collins (The Social Crew). Prizes will be awarded in three age categories: 12 to 15, 16 to 19 and 20 to 25 years and will include; hand-painted decks by internationally recognised street artists Lucy Lucy and Tom Gerard, a custom-made skateboard by local East Gippsland artist Alan Solomon, a voucher from Kurb Skate Board Shop, Sale, a backpack from Stobies Land and Surf, Maffra, and a Regional Arts Victoria Membership ($250 value).

This is a FReeZA, alcohol-free event run by Wellington Shire Youth Council and Propellor, featuring live music and the premiere screening of skate art documentary “Skatepark Scallywags” produced by Emmah Hellings and Tom Molan (Rhisis Productions).

Kudos to Sarah Atkinson, Meg Capurso and their ace team for making this cool community event a reality.


Gippslandia - On Board Exhibition - Opening Night

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