O’ For Art’s Sake – Cassie Leatham

How do you wake up in the morning?
I wake every morning with enthusiasm, as I know I’ll be meeting new people, travelling somewhere different and finding new things.

What’s your biggest fear as an artist?
My biggest fear is funding for artists not being available, as some artists depend on funding to survive.

When did you feel like you’d made it?
I feel I haven’t ‘made’ it yet, even though I’m an established artist. For me, it’s a lifelong journey and therefore, I’ll continue to work hard and share my knowledge and skills.

What’s your priority – learning new skills or perfecting the skills you already have?
My priority is to educate and share my knowledge to others and that’s how I perfect my skills.

School or mentor?
I cannot say, as I enjoy both.

Practicing or teaching? Which one do you prefer?
I’m passionate about both, so educating, teaching and practicing is really what I do being the type of artist I am.

What’s your daily routine?
My routine is never the same. It begins with a good latte in the morning, then the path could lead to painting, sculpture, weaving, hiking, bushcraft, teaching, travelling or foraging.

What’s the best thing about being a country artist?
I think living as an artist on country has great benefits than living in the city. It’s a more natural environment and you have natural resources, animals and fresh air. People are less stressed and more relaxed.

What’s the worst thing about being a country artist?
Worst thing is there aren’t enough acknowledgments of local artists. There needs to be more promotion for our local artists and their unique style.

What materials do you use & how do you source them?
All natural materials from nature, foraging and exploring country for tools in creating.

Words of advice?
Stay true to yourself and teach what you experience, as this gives truth to what your about as an artist.



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