Gippslandia #8 - WGRLC -Nothing borrowed, nothing gained.

Nothing borrowed, nothing gained.

Did you know that you can borrow a surfboard from the library? Yup, West Gippsland’s coastal libraries, Phillip Island and Inverloch, offer members this service, as well as many more items, books and programs. So not only can you potentially borrow film a featuring Thor from our libraries, but you could borrow a board and surf Woolamai with him next time he’s back home in Gippsland — nuts!

Our libraries are changing. Their aim is to best accommodate your interests and needs. It could be anything from kids’ yoga and dance classes, virtual reality experiences, tabletop gaming, story time, baby rhyme time, teen makeup classes, cake decorating to learning more to prepare for dyeing, knitting and craft.

A more agile, accessible and adaptable West Gippsland Regional Library Corporation (WGRLC) provides our communities with far more than just books (although we still love print), they have a vast array of online resources as well, including Universal Class where you can do courses ranging from psychology or parenting to learning how to use Microsoft Excel. You can have access to Kanopy as a new online movie streaming service with five free films per month. There’s an online magazine portal, Zino, that allows you to read for free great magazines on your mobile, as well as access Freegal music downloads, and the Story Box, where an author or actor reads a story and kids can watch the video.

Improving their collaborations with community groups and local businesses, the WGRLC are providing more engaging courses and valuable interactions within our communities too.

It’s really an exciting time to be involved with your local library, as never before have all members of our community had such great access to such a variety of valuable stories, entertainment and resources.

Hopefully, the accompanying infographic provides you with a glimpse into the new vibrancy of our libraries. Your next step is going and joining one!

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