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A quarterly newspaper for
Gippsland and beyond.

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A quarterly newspaper for Gippsland and beyond.

JG King

JG King Homes have been dedicated to building high-quality, steel frame residential housing for Victorian families for over three decades.

As Victoria’s largest builder of steel frame homes, JG King will build you a home to be proud of from the day you move in, well into the future.

Committed to award-winning designs and outstanding workmanship, it’s no surprise that JG King are the most popular builder in regional Victoria.

Why is Gippsland a great place to do business?

The lure of a regional lifestyle, combined with unparalleled amenities and affordability, has meant we have seen record sales over the past few months. Our Gippsland team has helped more people build their dream home than ever before.

What is the one thing about your business that you wish others understood better?

With JG King you get the best of both worlds - we are an experienced volume builder known for our stronger and healthier steel frame high quality homes. Our clients step into their new homes completely assured of the expertise backing the build and the peace of mind of a 50 year structural warranty.

Why do you support Gippslandia?

Far from being off the beaten track, Gippsland is a region that time and time again proves itself a world class destination. To us, Gippslandia showcases this perfectly. It is a not-for-profit newspaper built by, owned by and distributed by the community, and is all about highlighting the people, places and businesses that make Gippsland what it is.

Why is it important for your business to support local initiatives?

We’re in the building game, so it’s our job to help people step into their new houses and turn them into homes they love. But what if we can build more than their house? What if we can play a role in building the community around them? Our commitment to our clients goes beyond contractual obligations – we have a bigger game in mind and we’re so passionate about supporting positive local initiatives.

What does a successful and supportive community look like to you?

A successful community to us is the one we live in. It’s resilient, supports one another and collaborates together. You never have to go far to see or feel kindness and positivity in Gippsland.

What do you love about being based in Gippsland?

Our region is a hidden gem. It’s a destination rich in produce, with opportunities to explore and engage with people and nature. Initially just enjoyed by residents, we’re seeing more and more people make the tree change. And why not? There’s everything to love about Gippsland - the people, the place, the produce and the connection between it all.

What is your ‘not to be missed’ tip for people visiting our region?

If you haven’t left the highway, you haven’t seen Gippsland. Our best advice - get yourself lost in the region, you’ll love it!

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