Gippslandia - Cookbook. - The Book of Life.

Gippslandia Cookbook: The Book of Life.

Hearing the many challenges facing Gippsland farmers, regional newspaper, Gippslandia and the television documentary series, Behind The Sash, wanted to lend at hand.

With the assistance of award-winning local chefs, restaurateurs, brewers, distillers and producers, you can explore this expansive and vibrant food-producing region through recipes and stories that showcase why Gippsland is a special treat for your taste buds.

As you eat your way through Australia’s southeast, you’ll enjoy classic and contemporary recipes, and show your support for positive social change around rural mental health, as well as gain a better understanding of wonderful people that produce the food you love.


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Great to see the hard work of Gippsland’s farming community being highlighted on national TV. If you missed the first screening, tune in to Channel 10 at 8am on Sunday or visit 10 play.

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  1. I just saw the show this morning Thursday the 2nd 2020 . Well wow what an amazing group of people Sally is just a beautiful soul what And inspirational woman. Her Father would be so so proud of her xo. Anyway to all that are doing it hard we are thinking of you I am anyway and a lot of my friends are also. I Definitely understand all the hard work that goes in in the heart ache but you mob are dead set super heroes in my eyes such amazing beautiful souls . I had a Tear in my eye when Sally was telling her story. I myself have had a pretty similar story it really touched me stay strong Sally and stay strong all the people of Gippsland be proud .

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