Gippslandia #9 - Diggin' deep. - Photo Feature.

Diggin’ deep.

The other side of the fence has always been of interest to photographer Andrew Northover.

Recently, The View From Here’s work with Matthews Quarries, a 30-year-old family owned and operated business, allowed the following photo study to emerge from Andrew’s constant sense of curiosity. He was given the opportunity to observe and shoot the delivery of part of their 500,000-tonne annual haul, a component of a brief to develop imagery of the well-known establishment on the fringe of Traralgon.

When you think of quarries, mines, or any large scale construction project, your mind conjures an image of dirt and dust. Yet, on closer inspection, an entirely surreal world of colours, textures and tones exists. A place where the mere concept of scale is both destroyed and redefined in one sitting and the human form becomes a minuscule component of a much larger and very industrious organism.

It’s not until you’ve stood within a sandbox of this magnitude that the industrial revolution and our ability to resculpt the landscape is put into quantifiable perspective.

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Gippslandia #9 - Diggin' deep. - Photo Feature.

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