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Binary Shift Regional Startup Conference 2018.

A startup is a business that sells globally, is technology-enabled, and uses innovation to compete at a global scale. Startups were responsible for almost all the net job growth in Australia over 2003-2014 according to the Australian Financial Review, so growing the regional startup community is vital to creating regional jobs.

If you’re a regional business owner and you sell online to a national or global audience, you may be running a startup already—even if you don’t know it yet! And if you have dreams of going global and expanding your customer base beyond your local area, you can benefit from learning startup thinking and hearing how other regional startups use technology and innovation to grow their business.

Binary Shift is one of Australia’s top conferences focused specifically on regional innovation and startups. Founded in Gippsland in 2017, it’s run by the regions, for the regions. Binary Shift is returning in 2018 as a full-day event to be held at Lardner Park on Monday 27th of August, with a gala dinner to follow.

01   Be inspired by regional startup founder stories.

02   Learn from experts about virtual reality, drones and getting PR for your startup.

03   Network with tech and startup professionals from around Victoria and beyond!

Confirmed speakers include:
Rebel Black, founder of The Rural Woman, who has recently announced THE Seed Scheme, a program that will contribute $17.5M to regional economies by enabling hundreds of rurally-based women-led microenterprises.

Marco Ryan, aka Marcomatic—a Gippsland-born multimedia artist and animator whose augmented reality art will be on display at the conference venue.

Sarah Moran, co-founder and CEO of Girl Geek Academy who run the world’s largest all-women hackathons, with a mission to teach 1 million women to get into tech and launch their own startups by 2025 (pictured below).

Tickets are available now at:

Gippslandia #7 - Event Department - Binary Shift

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