Gippslandia #3 - Proud Gippslandian T-Shirt

Are you a…

Since our first issue hit the streets in December 2016, we’ve been positively floored by the support, interest and enthusiasm people and organisations have shown for our humble newspaper.

On Instagram, a quick glance of the hashtag #gippslandia provides some pretty entertaining ways people have shown their love (and reveals that Gippslandians love drinking a lot of coffee!). We’ve always believed that Gippsland is a diverse region with many rich offerings and that despite the excellent efforts of existing media outlets – there was more that could be done to promote the stories of our region. We put our hand up to help by initiating production of this positive quarterly rag with a commitment to an optimistic outlook, quality design and photography; that it’d be relevant to locals, former locals, returning visitors and those visiting us for the first time. We wish for all to gaze upon our region with admiring eyes.

In the lead up to our third edition, members of this year’s Gippsland Community Leadership Program (GCLP) approached us with the aim of providing their support to promote a positive and collaborative Gippsland to as many people as possible — therefore, the ‘Proud Gippslandian’ shirt was born (skillfully screen printed by the master, Bryce, at Straight & Arrow).

Since then, the GCLP has amassed dozens of photos of ‘Proud Gippslandians’ showing their commitment to our fine region. The results are overwhelmingly clear: We’re a passionate people, eager to show our pride, and evidently, t-shirts are a pretty popular way to show it! Check out #proudgippslandian to see who’s been getting in on the act (there are even a couple of more famous faces).

Gippslandia, as an initiative of The View From Here design studio, is committed to delivering on our studio’s core purpose; “To build the region through meaningful design”. We’re here to show our support to any leaders eager to do the same. We encourage anyone interested in grabbing one of the stylish and locally screen-printed t-shirts for themselves to jump online and quickly place an order. Be sure to spread the word by adding the following array of hashtags throughout your networks:
#gippslandia #gclp2017 #proudgippslandian

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